2019 spring TOKYO

Nakako to suspend activities.

Thank you for your never ending support.
See you later If i see you at all. This is last song.

2018 autumn TOKYO

Elliott Smith cover night.
Check it bro.

2018 spring TOKYO

seee yous

We dropped in Rhyming Slang.

Have you got ticket yet?

2017 summer TOKYO

2nd album release party with merzbow...

"When I'm drifting in the morning" is out via disk union and FLAKE record.

Release party show will be on 21th oct with merzbow...

Check it out bro !!!

2017 summer TOKYO

drone + experimental Session,

Installation music with Theremin and Piano.


2017 spring TOKYO

A way we chill.

Thank you for having me over.
Enjoy + tell your all friends

2016 summer LONDON

I love you LONDON !!!

I'm doing some London dates in July.
Here they are : 
Come hang

2016 spring MACAU

unplugged night in Macau,

I play a show with beautiful SSWs EVA TANA and CHAI KEFU at Macau.
come and see us