HeatMiser aka Nakako Isoo

from Tokyo

Solo project by Actress and Music festival Organizer Nakako Isoo

She entered a new saga with a "Dream pop"," Twee pop" and "after ElliottSmith". The name originates with him.


Nakako Isoo was born in 1995. She is currently studying computer music at Keio university in Tokyo.

and She has been playing music since the age of 14. All songs features Nakako Isoo on Vocals, Guitars, Bass. Drums and Keyboard.


Last year, She played in the backing band for Mary Lou Lord Japan Tour and later moved to Australia where she would busk for six hours a day.

First Album "at dawn" was released this year and a release tour is scheduled for Asia,Europe and America. She played at Taiwan's biggest festival"SpringScream" in April.


The name HeatMiser comes from a '90s American band.Her chill sound is inspired by ElliottSmith.

and it, reminiscent of Mazzystar, her music abides in gentle fancy and dreaminess.

Influences Include:

Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

Captain Beefheart, Velvet Underground, Neutral Milk Hotel 

Vashti Bunyan, Nick Drake, Beck, Daniel Johnston...etc