Second Album "When I'm drifting in the morning" 2017 release !!!

Madness and Charm, like FrankZappa or Nico, 


A melancholy musical piece about a woman of the night, that mania of the saxophone and theremin vividly recall 60's psychedelia folk.


A fine music thoroughly divorced from industry. 

While a traveler, and living a manic-depressive life, she produced; without an agent, opposed to Japanese - music - labels, she was chaotic. Still, her masterpiece of vanguard music turned this into a virtue, and will live on in the records of that era.


Recorded in the March to April 2017 at BazookaStudio in Tokyo, The record includes 11 songs performed. Nakako Isoo on vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards. And play with guest musicians "her magic band".

and it, Having experience with Zlaya Loud. He was able to know that Engineers by Sonic Youth, Sparklehorse and LOW etc...

Summer 2017 release via disk union

1500 JPY 


1. Truck Stop Girl [MV]

2. Dream Boy
3. He Has Glasses On
4. Once I Was [FREE]
5. Hackney, Rainy [MV]

6. Yamamoto

7. Indian Summer [FREE]


9. When I'm drifting in the morning

10. Rena
11. Theremin Noise

Engineer Zlaya Loud []


"It's been an enormous pleasure working with Nakako on her upcoming album. And such a wonderful album it is! I would jump at the opportunity of working with her and the band again, at the drop of a hat!"


Mixing/mastering engineer, record producer, soundtrack composer, sound design-artist with 25 years of experience in the field. 

His credits include : 

Sonic Youth, Sparklehorse, Isis, Low, Dirty three, Tortoise etc...

Nakako's Comment








When I'm drifting in the morning (私が漂っていた朝に )




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